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February 5,2013 is when the clan was created.  It is based off of the City of Mobile, Alabama Sheriff's Department, Police Department and State Trooper Division! This clan is intended for people that play LCPD:FR "Grand Theft Auto IV" on the Computer (PC) to come together as a group and role-play as a cop in game.  We have a very strong policy on being in one clan only anyone caught multi-clanning will be automatically terminated and banned from the site and Teamspeak.  Our clan believes in equal chance which means anyone can join under certain Requirements and Standards the Clan is free to join. (We are not a real law enforcement site just a gaming community)
In order to join you must have a working legitimate copy of:
"Grand Theft Auto IV" PC Version On the Computer (Not Xbox Or Playstation)
"A Clear Working Microphone"
**These Are Working Links Below**
"Dedication To The Clan"
First Step to joining: Register on the Clan Website.  Once you get signed in click on the "Join Us" Tab on our website to fill out an "Recruit Application" and it would help if you send Chief Donavan a Friend Request. After you fill out your application a Admin on the website will review your application on the website and contact you.(Our Teamspeak is password protected, If you get accepted for a interview you will be issued a one time use password.) Our Staff are very responsible and are on their jobs, your application should be approved or denied within 24 hours of your submission if for some reason you do not have a reply contact Chief Donavan.  If your application gets approved you will then be asked to join the Teamspeak Server for a interview. If you are hired after your interview you will start off as a Recruit and will need to show up to the next scheduled Basic Training Camp Academy Patrol. The clan is open 24/7.  Check the website for new upcoming events as we are always doing something.
Mobile Alabama Clan Procedures
This explains the jobs and roles of each department for most situations that officers will encounter. These procedures will be strongly enforced at all times unless otherwise stated by someone of superior rank.
Police Department Procedures
The police department handles local domestic incidents and minor traffic violations. If a police officer gets into a vehicle pursuit and state patrol joins pursuit, the trooper will assume authority over the pursuit. If state patrol is called to the chase then state patrol still assumes authority. An officer may call on any department for assistance if need be but the situation must be completely out of the police departments hands. An officer may not call on state patrol for minor calls.
Sheriff’s Office
Deputies of the sheriff’s office will assume the same responsibilities as the police department. The SRT will be a special unit called to assist in hostage situations, standoffs, shootouts, and etc.
Local Police and Sheriff’s Deputies
Local scenes can be locked down by either department. The first officer or deputy on scene’s department will assume primary responsibility of the situation.
State Patrol
State is responsible for major and minor traffic violations on and off the highway. If state patrol is called to lock down a scene then troopers will provide traffic assistance for local officers and deputies until they are called for further assistance other than traffic. State patrol assumes authority in all highway and local pursuits. State patrol does not respond to local domestic calls. Troopers are allowed to assist other officers or deputies in local calls if the situation is dire.
Head Administration


*Chief Donavan*

Assistant Chief  Jay

Deputy Chief Kevin

Commander [Open Position]

Head Captain [Open Position]


Department Supervisor's


Police Department

Captain [Open Position]
Lieutenant [Open Position]
Sergeant [Open Position]
Corporal Kieran
Detective [Open Position]

Sheriff's Department

Captain Taylin
Lieutenant Edwin
Sergeant Carrigan
Corporal [Open Position]

State Troopers Department

Captain Real
Lieutenant Felonious
Sergeant Major [Open Position]
Sergeant [Open Position]
Corporal [Open Position]


 Fire/EMS Department

Fire/EMS [Open Position]
Fire/EMS Deputy Chief Drake
Captain [Open Position]
Lieutenant Zach


*All ranks are subject to change based on Head Administration's decision.