The Grand Theft Auto: IV Mobile Alabama Clan was founded on February 5, 2013. Our clan is formed around the City of Mobile Police Department, the Alabama Sheriff's Department, and the Alabama State Trooper divisions! This clan is intended for people that play with LCPD:FR on the PC. We are here to come together as a group and role-play as an Officer, Deputy, or Trooper in the game. One major rule we have in our clan is that we do not allow multiclanners. We feel that if you would like to be a part of our clan, you will need to dedicate time and skills to only our community. Also, our clan believes in the Equal Opportunity of Employment, which means that we do not hold anything against any of our members or applicants based on: race, religion, sex, etc.

Note: We are JUST a gaming community and are not associated with the real Mobile Police Department, Alabama Sheriff's Department, or the Alabama State Troopers.

The main requirements we have to join our clan are listed below:  You must obtain a legal copy of "Grand Theft Auto IV" for the PC. A clear microphone that is high or normal quality.
The Teamspeak 3 Client that we use for voice communications. (Link is Listed Below)
Teamspeak 3
You must install our clan pack we provide to you.

[The clan pack includes: Scripts, Vehicles, Uniforms, Etc.]
Finally, you must be dedicated to our community!

Head Administrators

Head Administration is in charge of keeping the server up and running civilly. If there are any issues within the clan, Head Administration is always here to resolve those issues.

Chief & Owner

Assistant Chief & Co-Owner

Deputy Chief 



Head Captain



How do I join?


  1. If you are interested in joining our clan, please be sure to click the "Join Us" tab on our website. This will allow you to fill out one of our "Recruit Applications". Upon submitting this application, if you meet our requirements to join the clan, we will then push you forward for an interview.
  2. After you have received a comment on your application noting that you meet all the requirements, you are now able to join our Teamspeak server! The Teamspeak 3 Server information is listed in the bottom of the comment that you just received. The interview can take anywhere from 15-30 minutes long, depending on the quality and speed of the interview.
  3. If after you complete the interview and are accepted into the clan, you are then put on the "Need Training" list. This is the first major step of your gameplay! You will be put into a Mandatory Basic Training that all cadets must complete before attending the serious patrols.

If you have any questions or are still considering joining us, then please feel free to fill out the Visitor Pass form and speak to us directly on Teamspeak. The link to the Visitor Pass is listed below!
Visitor Pass

Mobile Alabama Clan Procedures

Listed below describes and explains most of the duties of each department in our clan. This does not include all duties, however, you will learn all of them during your training.

Police Department

The Police Department handles local domestic incidents and minor traffic violations. If an Officer gets into a vehicle pursuit and State Patrol joins pursuit, the Trooper will assume authority over the pursuit. An Officer may call on any department for assistance if needed but the situation must be completely out of the Police Departments hands. An officer may not call on State Patrol for minor calls.


Police Department Supervisors



Sergeant Major




Sheriff's Department

Deputies of the sheriff’s office will assume the same responsibilities as the police department. The SRT will be a special unit called to assist in hostage situations, standoffs, shootouts, and etc. As well as the Police Department, the Sheriff's Department is also responsible for locking down scenes, making sure the area is safe, and keeping out innocent people. The first deputy on the scene will become the primary unit automatically, until a supervisor arrives.

Sheriff Department Supervisors





Sergeant Major[OPEN]




State Trooper's Department

State is responsible for major and minor traffic violations on and off the highway. If state patrol is called to lock down a scene then troopers will provide traffic assistance for local officers and deputies until they are called for further assistance other than traffic. State patrol assumes authority in all highway and local pursuits. State patrol does not respond to local domestic calls. Troopers are allowed to assist other officers or deputies in local calls if the situation is dire.


State Trooper Supervisors



Sergeant Major 




Fire/EMS Department (Currently Recruiting)

Fire/EMS Chief 

Fire/EMS Assitant Chief  

Fire/EMS Deputy Chief

Fire/EMS Captain 

Fire/EMS Lieutenant 


*All ranks are subject to change based on Head Administration's decision.